Friday, 25 September 2015

W/C 21st September

This week in maths we have looked at ordering numbers after naughty Charlie Croc muddled them up! Some children had to order numbers from the smallest to the largest and then the largest to the smallest. While others had to use < less than and > greater than signs. 

Later in the week we learnt that estimate means having a good guess. The children were asked to estimate a group of objects and then count. We soon learnt it was rather hard to count cubes in a pile. Mrs Cryan set us the challenge of working as a group to count the cubes in a tray. To start with each group used different techniques; some of us counted individual piles, whilst others worked as a group to count together. After a little discussion we decided it would be easier and quicker to count in groups of 10. Perhaps at home you could ask your child to estimate a group of objects and then count them grouping them into 2s, 5s or 10s.

This week in literacy we have carried on looking at stories with familiar settings. The children acted out the Tiger Who Came to Tea but changed the ending!

We started to look at the Great Fire of London story this week in topic. After we heard it we had to order pictures and retell the story. Mrs Cryan was super impressed with the class! We also looked at an interactive version and had lots of tasks to complete. Some of us had a go at trying to put the fire out in the game! The whole class got really involved and had to be detectives! Perhaps at home you could ask your child about any facts they can remember?

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty had a great time with Liliana and Lucy. The class enjoyed hearing all about their maths adventures! 

Molly and Monty have gone home with Rose and James this weekend, I'm sure they will continue to learn lots of maths! 

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