Friday, 11 September 2015

Welcome to Mrs Cryan's class blog!

It has been a very busy first week in Mrs Cryan's class with lots of fun and learning!

We have started to look at 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. Mrs Cryan asked some of us to retell the story by acting it out. While others were had to discuss their favourite part of the story, explain why and then retell the story in as much detail as possible! Mrs Cryan was very impressed with everyone!

In maths we have looked at ordering numbers up to 100. Mrs Cryan was sneaky as after we had ordered the numbers she came and moved some around!We have also looked at adding numbers to 10 and 20 using apparatus and discussed ways of proving we were correct. Mrs Cryan encouraged us to draw pictures to show the sum.

Reording the numbers again after Mrs Cryan muddled them up!
We visited the pond this week and saw how much it had changed over the summer holidays. We saw lots of wildlife and cannot wait until we can pond dip!

On Fridays we change our library books so please make sure your child brings theirs to change. It would also be really helpful if all the children had wellies in school for those days that are a little bit wet but we'd still like to go outside!

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