Friday, 2 October 2015

W/C 28th September

In maths this week we have looked at the value of numbers. We learnt a new word 'partition' and know that means chopping up a number into tens and units. Some of us partitioned numbers into hundreds tens and units. 

This week in Mrs Cryan's phonics group we have learnt the 'or' sound spelt al and all as in talk and ball, we are continuing this sound next week. Mrs Eaglen's phonics group have learnt the 'e' sound spelt ea and ey as in sea and donkeyPerhaps when you are reading with your child you could ask them if they can see any words with their sound in

We have continued to look at The Great Fire of London in topic this week. We created our own fire silhouettes, which we think you'll agree look great! We had to carefully paint the fire background, thinking about which colours to use and how to mix them. Then we used a ruler to draw silhouettes of houses onto black sugar paper. We really had to concentrate when we cut the houses out! On Thursday we became detectives and looked into how and why the fire spread so quickly through London. Mrs Cryan was very impressed! 

Outdoor learning 
On Friday the whole class became nature explorers! Mrs Cryan set us the challenge of finding a range of colours in nature. We worked with our partner to look closely and discover hidden colours! We found pink quite hard! Please can all children bring wellie boots into school for outdoor learning.

Maths Monkey 
Molly and Monty went home with Rose and James this week. It sounded like they had a brilliant time and did lots of real world maths together. We all really enjoyed hearing about their adventures! 

This weekend Molly and Monty have gone home with Vittoria and Ceona, we cannot wait to hear about their maths adventure!

Due to the Harvest Festival we didn't swim this week. The dolphins will swim next week instead so they do not miss a session. 

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