Friday, 9 October 2015

W/C 5th October

We started the week adding and subtracting 10 from a 2 digit number. We learnt that only the tens number changes, the units stay the same! 

On Friday we started to look at 2d shapes, Mrs Cryan gave us a list of shape names and properties to look at. We had to discuss the word as a group and decide whether it was a word we knew or didn't know. We looked at 2d shapes and tried to describe their properties using side, corner, regular and irregular. We learnt that regular means and the sides are the same length and irregular means the sides are different lengths. 

This week in literacy we have looked at nouns. We now know that a noun is a person, place or object. We had to identify nouns in sentences and saw that there could be more than one noun in a sentence. Following this we had to group nouns. Some of us went on a 'noun hunt' around the school. The class played the noun game, perhaps you could get your child to explain the noun game to you and play it together at home.

Mrs Cryan's phonics group have continued to look at the or sound spelt al or all. Next week we will move on to the soft c sound. The children will learn that when a c comes just before i,y or e it usually makes the s sound as in rice and cycle. In Mrs Eaglen's phonics group the children have learnt the ie as in tie and e_e as in these. When reading with your children this week perhaps you could get them to find a few words with these sounds in. 

Our science unit is everyday materials and so this week the children looked at a range of materials and discussed their properties and how we could describe them. Following on from this we looked at clothes labels and how best to care for them. The children looked at the symbols and created their own clothes labels. Perhaps your child could help you with washing the clothes this weekend....!!! 

Outdoor Learning
On Friday we made leaf hedgehogs. First of all we have to draw around a hedgehog template then add an eye, nose and mouth. Some of us chose to add eyebrows and eyelashes too! Then we had to get our wellies on and search for suitable leaves. We decided the best type of leaf would be flat leaves, which were not damaged and not too soggy! After our outdoor adventure we had to stick them all down. We were very impressed with our finished hedgehogs! 

Exciting news..... Liliana and Olivia have both earnt their RED TED hats! Keep reading, lots of us are very close to getting 35 stamps! 

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty went home with Vittoria and Ceona, they had a great time! 

This week they have gone home with Isaac and Daisy, I'm sure they will have lots of fun and learn lots of maths! 

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