Friday, 20 November 2015

W/C 23rd November

This week in maths we started to look at multiplication. We learnt that the sign for multiplication is X, we also learnt that lots of means times for example 3 lots of 2 is 3x2. We used numicon to show the multiplication sentence and learnt what an array is. Perhaps you could ask your child to show you what an array is? You could also ask your child to work out what 3 lots of 5 and 9 lots of 2 are? We also learnt that multiplication can be done in any order ( 3x2= 6 and 2x3=6)

On Friday we moved on to divide and learnt that groups of and shared equally meant divide. We learnt that the sign for divide is ÷. We learnt that unlike multiplication, division cannot be done in any orderThe task was to solve word problems using multi-link cubes.

This week in literacy we have carried on looking at the senses to create poems. The children went on a journey back in time to the Great Fire of London in 1666. The children had to use their senses to create a poem, thinking of interesting word choices. Mrs Cryan was very impressed with how hard the whole class worked!  

Following on from last weeks waterproof material investigation, we carried out an investigation on absorbent materials. We learnt that = absorbent means it soaks up liquid (unlike a waterproof material). We had to ensure it was a fair test and so we decided to use the same amount of water on each material, the same size pots and the same size piece of material. We then had to look at the materials we were testing (plastic, tissue, paper towel, tin foil, felt and rubber) and made predictions. We learnt that plastic, rubber and tin foil were not absorbent but felt, tissue and paper towels were. 

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty went home with Millie and Amos, they had a very busy weekend! Maths monkeys Molly and Monty have gone home with Grace and Adam this weekend, we are all looking forward to hearing their adventures. 

A massive well done to Mia who got her RED TED cap this week and also Liliana who got her RED TED top. 

Please can everyone who has lines in the nativity continue to practice them at home as much as possible. Year 2s please keep practicing your 'words of the week' spellings at home, it really is important! 

There are lots of fun and exciting things happening next week. On Tuesday we have the drummer from Status Quo doing a drumming workshop with all the children. On Friday we have an Olympic athlete coming in to complete the sponsored fitness circuit. It is also INSPIRATIONAL MATHS WEEK so lots to look forward to. 

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