Friday, 27 November 2015

W/C 23rd November

What an inspirational week! 

It was Inspirational Maths Week! The children had a daily maths challenge to complete to improve their confidence and love of maths. The challenges involved deeper thinking, reasoning and lots of perseverance! On Monday the children were given the numbers 1-5 and could use all four operations ( + -x ÷ ) to make the numbers 1-20. 

Tuesday's challenge was to represent the numbers 1-20. Some children noticed patterns linked to their times tables and therefore showed this in their representations.

On Wednesday the class had a Sudoku challenge. The children had to solve a shape Sudoku, then a number Sudoku and make links between the two. Some of the children noticed that the shape and the number Sudoku linked and that the shapes represented the numbers. Therefore as a class we could give each shape a value! 

On Thursday Mrs Cryan set us a Tangram to complete! It was quite a challenge but no one gave up and we all managed to do it!

Friday's challenge was number lines, the children had to work out the missing numbers using bead strings. 

This week in topic the children have learnt about the houses from the Great Fire of London and had the chance to make their own house! It involved lots of concentration to stick all the wooden sticks on in a nice straight line! 

A massive well done to all those who achieved their RED TED rewards this week. Keep reading and earning those stamps! 

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty had a fantastic time with Grace and Adam. They counted baubles on Christmas trees, worked out change and played maths games together. Molly and Monty have gone home with Mia and Jimmy this week. 

On Tuesday, the children were lucky enough to have a drumming workshop with Jeff Rich from Status Quo. It was great fun and very loud! 

Sports Challenge
Sean Rose came to our school on Friday. The children (and Mrs Cryan!) completed a fitness circuit and all tried very hard! After the fitness circuit Sean lead an assembly and told the children all about the inspiring things he has done before and after his accident. All of the children were inspired and everyone got to hold a real gold medal! If your child has any sponsorship money for the circuit could they please bring it into school next week. A large amount of the sponsorship money comes back to school for new sports equipment! 

Homework - your child has been given a small homework project on the Great Fire of London, be as creative as you like! I look forward to seeing all of their hard work on the 11th December.  Year 2s please keep practicing your 'words of the week' daily at home.

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