Friday, 13 November 2015

W/C 9th November

This week in maths we have continued to look at fractions. We have learnt that fraction is part of a whole and so this week we have represented fractions using the 'bar model' blocks. 

In science this week we carried out an experiment! We were trying to find out the best material to make a coat out of for winter! We learnt the term waterproof; perhaps you could ask your child what waterproof means. We decided to test plastic, tin foil, felt and tissue paper. We discussed fair testing and decided we would need to keep certain things the same; such as the amount of water we poured on each material. After a lot of preparation we carried out our investigation. We learnt that plastic and tin foil we waterproof and tissue paper and felt were not! 

Maths Monkey 
Molly and Monty had a great time with Olivia and Tyler! They halved food and ate it, went shopping and worked out the total and counted how many days until a birthday! Molly and Monty have gone home with Amos and Millie this week.

Children in Need
A massive well done to everyone for working so hard to raise as much money as possible. Thank you for all your generous contributions. We all had a great day and looked very yellow! 

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