Friday, 4 December 2015

w/c 30th November

This week in maths, we have worked with money. The children had to add coins and say the total value as well as work out all the different ways of making a given value e.g 36p = 20p+10p+5p+1p or 20p+5p+5p+5p+1p etc. We have also looked at making values with the least amount of coins possible for example using 50p+5p+1p to make 56p instead of 50p and 6 1p coins. Perhaps this weekend, you could ask your child which coins they could use to make an amount (for example 23p, 67p, 96p etc) or ask them to make a given amount with the fewest coins. Any work you do, I would love to see! 

In literacy this week, we have been looking at information texts. We are currently working hard to create our own information book on the Great Fire of London. We will have photos of our finished books next week!

Mrs Cryan's phonics group have learnt what a suffix is. We now know that a suffix is added to a root word. We have been looking at the suffix y. We have learnt that sometimes you have to double the consonant before adding y e.g. run= runny or fun= funny. We have also started to look at what happens if a word ends in e when adding the suffix y e.g. whine = whiny or shine = shiny. Perhaps when reading with your child this weekend you could get them to identify some words with the suffix y. Mrs Eaglen's phonics group have been looking at 'au' as in caught and 'aw' as in straw.

In topic this week, we have been tea staining paper before writing up our Samuel Pepys diary entries in neat. We tea stained the paper to make it look old!

Well done to all those who achieved their RED TED tops this week and a big well done to Amos who got his cap.

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty had a great time with Mia and Jimmy this week! Molly and Monty have gone home with Phoebe and Sky this weekend, I'm sure they will continue to learn lots of maths! 

Please can all Christmas production costumes be in as soon as possible. Keep working hard on your Great Fire of London homework. Please, please, please can yr2s practice their words of the week; we haven't managed to turn many words to 'green words' for the last two weeks! 

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