Friday, 11 December 2015

W/C 7th December

This week Class 2 were visited by some nice elves who decorated their room and left them a note! The note explained who they were and that the children needed to practice their descriptive writing in case the naughty elves came. The only way to catch the naughty elves was to be really good at elf descriptions. The children learnt that a simile is when one thing is compared to another e.g. her eyes were as blue as the sea. All of the children included a simile in their description of the good elves. Unfortunately on Tuesday night the naughty elves came! They took all the candy canes off the tree and hid them around the room and cut down some of the beautiful snowflakes. Class 2 wasted no time in writing wanted posters to catch the naughty elves. Thankfully they haven't appeared since and we are hoping they wont come again this weekend! 

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty went home with Sky and Phoebe this week. Monty went on quite an adventure! He was 'monkey napped' by Phoebe's mum who sent challenges back to the class so Monty could be released. Luckily Class 2 worked really hard and Monty was returned! Maths Monkey have gone home with Meaghan and Vesta this weekend.  

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Mrs Cryan was completely blown away with everyone's Great Fire of London projects! So much time, care and effort had been put into it! All of class 2 received 'wonderful work' award this week for their fantastic effort! 

A massive well done to Amelia who earned her RED TED cap this week. Also a big well done to Daisy and Phoebe who earned their RED TED top. We will be having a RED TED top day soon! 

Reading Cafe
Our class Reading Cafe is on Wednesday at 2 o'clock, it would be great if you could come! 

On Friday children can bring in a toy to play with. The toy shouldn't be anything electrical, valuable or have small parts as they may get broken or lost! Please can all toys come in a named bag and not before Friday! 

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