Friday, 15 January 2016

W/C 11th January

What a busy week! 

This week in maths the children learnt how to add using a number line. We now know that to add we start at the bigger number and jump on. As the week went on we learnt that we can add one big jump of 10 instead of 10 jumps of 1. By the end of the week we were able to add using a blank number line. At home you could continue to practice mentally adding and taking away ten from a given number with your child. 

We have continued to look at Cinderella this week. On Tuesday the children identified time connectives in extracts of Cinderella. The children learnt that a time connective is used to tell the reader when something is happening e.g. meanwhile, after that and eventually. Perhaps when reading with your child this weekend you could see if they can identify any time connectives. We have also acted out the story of Cinderella, lots of children wanted to be Prince Charming! 

Mrs Cryan's phonics group have been looking at the n sound spelt gn or kn as in gnome and know. 

Maths Monkey 
Molly and Monty had a brilliant time with Max and Miami. They had lots of maths adventures and plenty of days out! This week Molly and Monty have gone home with Oliver and Amelia, we look forward to hearing about their maths weekend. 

Well done to Demi who earned her RED TED certificate this week. Also last week Liliana and Olivia were pictured with the wrong certificate so here are their pictures again with the right certificates this time! 

This week in science we have started a new topic on plants. The children used magnifying glasses to closely observe the different parts of a plant.

Homework this week is adding on a number line, it is due in on Tuesday. 

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