Friday, 22 January 2016

W/C 18th January

This week in maths we have learnt how to subtract using a number line.We learnt that we start at the smallest number and jump on to the biggest number then count the jumps and that is the answer. We now know this is called finding the difference. By the end of the week we had progressed to making our first jump to the nearest 10s number and trying to draw our own number line. Homework this week is subtraction on a number line and is due in on Tuesday. 

This week in literacy we have learnt the difference between a command, statement and question. We learnt that a command tells you to do something e.g. Tidy your room! Commands have bossy words in them, we learnt that these were called imperative verbs (cut, shut,open, close). A statement gives the reader information e.g. the ship sailed across the ocean. A question expects a response and always end with a question mark. Mrs Cryan had a range of different sentences on the board and set us the challenge to group them according to the type of sentence they were. After that we tried to write our own questions, commands and statements.Perhaps at home you could ask your child to explain the difference between these types of sentences and get them to give you an example. 

On Friday we looked at speech bubbles, we learnt that we do not need to use speech marks or say who is talking. We wrote speech bubbles for Cinderella.

As part of our Cinderella unit, the children were asked to design Cinderella a new shoe! The children drew a design before passing their work to a partner who changed one thing, who then passed it to another children to make a change to the original design. Once we received our work back we looked at the different designs and took parts that we like to create our final shoe. Mrs Cryan was very impressed with the shoes but thinks Cinderella may have sore feet as they all had VERY high heels! 

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty had a fantastic time with Oliver and Amelia. This week they have gone home with Amber and Jack. 

A massive well done to James and Ceona who now have their RED TED tops and Max and Sky now have their RED TED certificates. 

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