Friday, 29 January 2016

W/C 25th January

This week in literacy we have learnt about speech marks and how to use them. We now know that speech marks hug what is being said, we remember them as 66 and 99. We added speech marks to the Cinderella story. We learnt that only what is being said needs to be inside the speech marks e.g. "I want to go to the ball" said Cinderella.

Later in the week we rewrote the Cinderella story using a story board. Lots of us included speech and remembered how to use speech marks! Perhaps you could ask your child to explain what speech marks are and how they are used?

This week in maths we have focused on rounding numbers up or down to the nearest 10. We learnt that numbers ending in 1,2,3 or 4 are always rounded down and numbers ending in 5,6,7,8 and 9 are always rounded up. This means that no matter how big the number we would know whether it needed rounding up or down to the nearest 10 e.g. 987 rounds up as it ends with a 7. We learnt that a multiple of 10 is in the 10 times table and always ends in a 0. 

On Friday greedy Charlie Croc paid us a visit. He set maths challenges for the class to complete using > greater than, < less than and = the same as. Charlie Croc liked to eat the bigger numbers so always faced towards them. 

This week in topic we were history detectives! Mrs Cryan had four pictures for us to look at in groups. We had to decide what the pictures were of, what they were used for and what it told us about Christopher Columbus' voyage. We made great detectives and gave good reasons for our ideas!

This week we looked at the conditions plants need to grow with Mrs Bull. We set up an experiment and made predictions. We have planted sunflower seeds in different conditions. Some have no light, some no water, others no soil and some have been put outside in the cold! We will keep checking their progress over the next few weeks. 

A big well done to Mikey and Miami for earning their RED TED certificate this week. Keep reading lots at home! 

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty had a great time with Jack and Amber! This week they have gone home with Demi and Carley-Mae. Please can everyone try and do a maths based activity with the maths monkeys when you next have them as they LOVE learning about maths! 

Parents evenings are on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 11th February. If you haven't already booked an appointment please do so online or come and see me.  

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