Friday, 12 February 2016

W/C 8th February

This week in Literacy we have completed our 'Special Writing!' This is always an exciting time as the children get to see how much they have improved since last term and since starting! Special Writing is a completely independent piece of work that each child does once a term. The task was to write a story based on a magic pebble. Mrs Cryan was incredibly pleased to see that lots of children had included speech marks, commas in lists and used thoughtful and imaginative vocabulary. 

This week in maths we started a new unit on statistics. We have looked at tally charts, pictograms and the class carried out an investigation! They had to collect the data by asking every child in the class the same question, then present the data by using a tally chart. We learnt that 5 in a tally chart is recorded in a special way. Perhaps you could ask your child to show you this and explain why it is helpful when counting the total? After we had calculated the total for each choice, the class added up all the totals to check it made 31!

Well done to Grace who has now earned her certificate after getting 120 stamps. Please keep reading as much as possible over half term. Children get a stamp for suitable books read at home over half term, it doesn't have to be their reading scheme book every day!

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty went home with Amos and Ceona this week. They had a great time and learned lots of maths. Molly was particularly greedy and got up to lots of mischief whilst adding and sharing! Both Molly and Monty are also having a break this week and will be rested and ready to learn more maths after half term!

This week we have started a new DT unit, moving vehicles, which is linked to our topic of explorers. The class designed a moon buggy that they could use if they were an astronaut! They thought about the surface of the moon and the materials they would need.They have brought their designs home to make the body as their half term homework. Although they have designed their buggy it can be adapted as it is being made! Please do not attach wheels or axles as the children will be doing this in class after half term.

Year 2s please continue to practice any words of the week that you need to work on over half term ready to turn them to green words the first week back!

I hope that every has a relaxing fun filled half term and that the children come back fit, well and ready for lots more fun and hard work! 

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