Thursday, 24 March 2016

W/C 21st March

This week in maths we have carried on solving missing number problems. We did this by using the inverse operation. We learnt that inverse was the opposite so if it was an + we had to use – to find the missing number.

This week in literacy the children used their knowledge of the key features of instructions to write instructions on how to make a moon buggy! Mrs Cryan was very impressed with the instructions!

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty had a great time with Isaac and Lucy. They completed lots of maths tasks and had great fun. Molly and Monty are off on their holidays and will return after Easter!

Well done to Amos and Rose who now have their top, Isaac and Vittoria who have their certificate and Mikey who will be going to the tea party! Keep reading over Easter quite a few children are close to their next RED TED reward!

Homework over half term is to practice and learn the spellings sent home.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter holiday and that the children come back ready for lots more fun and hard work in the summer term!

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