Friday, 11 March 2016

W/C 7th March

This week in maths we have carried on with measuring. We started the week measuring using ml and learnt that capacity meant the amount a container can hold. We had lots of different containers on the table and had to compare and order them from smallest to largest based on their capacity. Once we estimated their capacity, we used dyed water to test if our estimates were true. From this we reordered the jugs. Later in the week, we focused more on accurately reading and measuring using ml. We learnt that the scales do not always go up in 1ml intervals and therefore had to look closely at the scales before measuring.

On Friday we moved on to temperature and measuring using a thermometer. Some groups had a range of thermometers to read and write the temperature from whilst others had to order the temperatures from coldest to hottest. We were very good at this and Mrs Cryan was very impressed!

This week in literacy the children used all the skills we have been practising to write their own limericks. They worked incredibly hard and the end results are fantastic!

This week in phonics, Mrs Cryan’s group have looked at contractions. We know that a contraction is two words put together to make one word. Letters are taken out and an apostrophe is added where the missing letters were e.g. do not becomes don’t. Perhaps when reading with your child over the weekend you could get them to point out any contractions they see!  

This week lots of us have used the hot glue gun to attach the wheels to our moon buggies. Here are some pictures of the finished moon buggies, all moon buggies will be finished by the end of next week!

Reading Café
Thank you to everyone who came to our Reading Café, we all had a great time! It was lovely to see you all. We won’t be having a Reading Café next term as it will be our class assembly!

Well done to Samuel, Meaghan and Adam who have now got their RED TED certificate and to Demi who will be going to the RED TED tea party.

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty had a fantastic time with Daisy and Adam and completed lots of maths activities. This week they have gone home with Mikey and Liliana, we look forward to hearing about their weekend. 

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