Friday, 15 April 2016

W/C 11th April

This week in literacy we have focused on questions. We now know that a question needs a response, always ends with a question mark and starts with a question word like; what, why, where or when. We all wrote questions that we would like to find out about the dinosaurs! 

Later in the week we became dinosaur experts and we given a dinosaur to research. We had to find out their size, weight, what they ate, how they moved, what period they lived in and any other facts we found interesting. After we had the research, we had to create a poster of all the facts and then present the information to the rest of the class. 

This week in maths we have been focusing on fractions! We started by identifying 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 and a 1/3. We ordered fractions from smallest to biggest, identified fractions and colored fractions of shapes. Later in the week, we started to solve fraction word problems for example; Sita cuts a pizza into 8 equal slices, she eats 2 slices. What fraction did she eat? Could this be written another way? (To solve the second part to this question the some children used their developing knowledge of equivalent fractions). We also solved questions such as; there are 20 strawberries in a punnet, how many would there be in 1/4? 


In topic this week the children have thought of all the facts they already know about dinosaurs, facts they are unsure of and information they would like to find out.The children have really engaged with the new topic  and we have already had lots of information books, fossils and even a dinosaur tooth brought in which is fantastic! 

Well done to all the children to continued to read lots over the Easter holidays! Tyler has earned his certificate and Grace is going to the RED TED tea party! 

Maths Monkey
Molly and Monty have gone home with Vesta and Phoebe this weekend, we are looking forward to hearing all about their maths adventures! 

On Friday we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to look closely at frogs spawn and tadpoles! We all noticed different things and are very excited to start our new science unit on living things are their habitat! 

Talent show
A massive well done to everyone who took part in the talent show! Phoebe came joint second and Jimmy and his sister came first! 

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