Friday, 15 July 2016

W/C 11th July

We have had a science week this week! We have learned lots about different life cycles! We have studied the life cycle of chickens, frogs and humans. We have also learned lots about healthy eating and keeping fit. During our science week we carried out an investigation based on different rates of growth. We had to prove whether height and shoe size were related e.g. if the tallest person in the class also had the largest shoe size. This involved lots of measuring and comparing. We made a graph from our measurements to compare. 

A massive well done to Kurtis who now has his top and to Rose and Amos who have their certificates. RED TED T-shirt day is on Tuesday so all children who have earned their top this year can wear it. Tuesday will also be the day of the RED TED tea party. 

We have all now finished sewing our toy dinosaurs (hooray!) The children will be bringing them home next week!

Next week 

  • Please can your child bring a strong plastic bag in to bring all of their books and work home.  
  • RED TED T-Shirt day is Tuesday. 
  • The sharks will swim on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Last day of term is Wednesday.

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