Sunday, 3 July 2016

W/C 27th June

What a busy week!

This week in literacy we have written recounts of our fabulous trip on Friday. We discussed the need for it to be written in the past tense as we had already been. The children included the bus journey there and back, their favourite part, their favourite character and the picnic lunch. Many said it was the best day ever! We also used drama to change the story to the Gruffalo’s child. Many of us changed the character the Gruffalo’s child met along the way and some changed the ending. Next week we will be writing diary entries as the Gruffalo’s child writing about her adventure.

This week in maths we have recapped and consolidated partitioning to add. To partition we used our knowledge of place value and split numbers into tens and units (some of us were working with hundreds, tens and units) We have all really improved and everyone can now use this method to add.
50 + 6= 56

Next week we will recap and consolidate subtracting on a number line.

We have carried on with our science unit on habitats. We looked at different types of habitats and had to think about what sort of animal could live in it. We all knew camels wouldn’t survive in the Arctic and that polar bears shouldn’t live in a desert! Later in the week we learnt the effect changing habitats have on animals. We thought about a tree and all the animals and insects that are dependent on the tree. We used this to think about the effect it would have on them if the tree got chopped down. On Friday we went on a habitat walk looking for different mini beasts! We learnt that within a habitat there are micro habitats. Once we found lots of different mini beasts we drew sketches of them.

We have carried on working hard with our sewing. Some children have finished their toy dinosaur now. We are sure you’ll agree that they look fantastic!

Well done to James who now has his RED TED certificate. Keep reading as much as possible as the RED TED tea party is soon!

On Monday we got to watch the KS2 dress rehearsal of ‘The Peace Child’. We all loved it and were very proud of how hard all of KS2 worked. Thank you to all who came to the BBQ lunch on Thursday. It was lovely to see so many of you! Luckily the rain stayed away! On Friday we got to watch the Year 6 leaver’s assembly. We wish all the Year 6s who left this week all the best for the future, we will miss them lots! 

On Wednesday we had a very special surprise assembly for Mr Steel. We watched a video made up of photos of Mr Steel's time as Headteacher. Each class had made a book of their special memories and drawings of Mr Steel. We finished by singing an adapted version of 'The Music Man' We will of course miss Mr Steel when he leaves us at the end of term but wish him all the best for his well earned retirement!

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