Friday, 8 July 2016

W/C 4th July

We started the week by writing a diary entry as the Gruffalo’s child. We all knew that a diary starts with ‘dear diary’. We discussed the need to write it in the past tense as the Gruffalo’s child was talking about her adventure from the night before. As we were writing as the Gruffalo’s child we had to use I. Later in the week, we read the book Zog. We discussed the lack of description of Zog and so we worked with a partner to write our own descriptions.

This week in maths we have consolidated subtraction on a number line. All of us are far more secure with this now! We know that to subtract on a number line we find the difference. We have to start at the smallest number and jump up to the bigger number. Our first jump always takes us to the nearest 10 and we then try and group our jumps in 10s (if needed). This is of course something you could practise with your child at home.

This week in art we looked at dinosaur skeletons and created our own skeleton of a dinosaur using art straws. First we drew the skeleton. Then we measured the art straws against our drawings, before cutting and sticking them down. It was quite a messy job but we all enjoyed it!

Design Technology
More of us have finished sewing our dinosaurs this week! They are all looking brilliant and everyone has worked so hard on them!

Well done to Vittoria who is now going to the RED TED tea party.

Over the last two weeks we have had daily handwriting practice. We are either learning to join our letters or improving our joined handwriting. We will continue this over the next week. The joins we have looked at so far are; un, um, ig,id, ud, e, an and ing. Next week we will focus on ch, sh, th, ill and ck. This is something you could continue with your child at home.

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