Sunday, 25 September 2016

W/C 19th September

Its been another busy week in Year 2!

We have carried on our unit on familiar settings. We all know 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' really well now! To start the week we focused on nouns again, what a noun was and the different types. We then had to write correctly punctuated sentences and underline all the nouns. By the end of the week the children wrote correctly punctuated sentences describing one of the characters from the book. 

This week in maths we have met a very cheeky character! Greedy Charlie Croc came to visit and teach the children < less than and > greater than signs. As Charlie Croc is greedy he always eats the bigger number!
8 > 6
17< 20 
The children worked really hard on this, perhaps you could ask your child about Charlie Croc at home and get them to explain less than and greater than to you. 

This week in science we have thought more about the materials used to make objects. We thought about their properties and why it would not be good to make a table out of fabric or clothes out of metal. 

This week in topic we have thought about fire safety and what to do in a fire. We discussed things that can cause fires. We even had a fire drill at school this week! We have also learnt some facts about the great fire. Perhaps you can see if your child can remember when the fire started, what year and where?

Maths Monkey
On Friday we named our Maths Monkeys. Their names are now Mikey and Maisie! They have gone home for the weekend with Annabelle and Louie. We are really looking forward to hearing all about their maths adventures on Tuesday! 

School and Eco Council
After a very exciting day with lots of speeches Mrs Cryan's class voted for Logan to be our Eco Council rep and for Harley to be our School Council rep. Well done to everyone who took part, there were lots of fantastic speeches!
Some of our speeches

Some of our speeches

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