Friday, 30 September 2016

W/C 26th September

This week in literacy we have completed some write on. This involves the children being given a starting point and letting their imagination run wild! Later in the week, we wrote invitations to the Tiger inviting him to a tea party. We then wrote a menu for the tea party.

This week in phonics all of the Year 2s have been looking at the ‘or’ sound spelt al or all as in talk or wall. We will continue to look at this sound next week. When reading with your child you could ask them to find some ‘or’ sounds spelt like this.

In maths this week, we have looked at the value of numbers. We learnt a new word ‘partition’. We know that partition means chopping up a number into tens and units. Some of us partitioned numbers into hundreds tens and units.

We have continued to look at The Great Fire of London in topic this week. We created our own fire silhouettes, which we think you’ll agree, look great! We had to carefully paint the fire background, thinking about which colours to use and how to mix them. Then we used 2d shapes to draw around to make 2d shapes on black sugar paper.

This week in science, we labelled materials around our room before conducting an experiment. Mrs Cryan asked us to be material testers and investigate the property of materials. We had to see whether they could bend, twist, rip, scratch, squash and stretch.


Over the last few weeks in computing, we have been learning about algorithms. We have been programming a robot to complete tasks on the ipads. Perhaps at home you could ask you child more about this.

Maths Monkey
Mikey and Maisie had a great time with Annabelle and Louie. They went to the shops and worked out change, weight objects and looked at their times tables! Mikey and Maisie have gone home this week with Justin and Imogen. 

Keep an eye out for a letter about our weekly spellings that will be sent home next week.  

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