Friday, 25 November 2016

W/C 21st November

Over the last two weeks we have written a range of senses poems. We recapped what the five senses were and used our senses to write an autumn senses poem as well as a Great Fire of London poem.

Over the last two weeks in maths we have focused on adding. We can now add mentally by placing the biggest number in our head and counting on. From this, we learnt how to add on a number line, again starting at the biggest number and jumping on. Some of us progressed to adding on a blank number line by the end of the week.

This week in science we started an experiment on melting ice. We decided to place the ice cubes on the radiator, the windowsill, the cupboard and in a cup of water to see if they melted at the same rate. We only managed to test the radiator and the cupboard on Monday and will test the others next week.

We have finally finished our salt dough bread! We had to paint and glace the bread in glue. We will be taking them home next week when they are dry!

Team competition
We all had a great time taking part or watching the team competitions. Everyone tried really hard. Results will be announced in assembly next week. 

Maths Monkey
Maisie and Mikey had a fantastic time with Isaac and Amelie last week. They went to the shops, worked out the price and how much change they would get and even baked! They also had a great time with Lilly and Abbie this week. They have gone home with Logan and Summer for the weekend.

A massive well done those who have earned their first and second reward over the last two weeks.

A few reminders
Please can all the children who have lines in the Christmas play practise over the weekend, as it will really speed up our practices! 
Your child has also come home with a slip about what costume items they will need for the play. Please can the clothes be in a named carrier bag.
Keep working hard on your Great Fire of London homework.

It is the Christmas fayre after school on Wednesday, we hope to see lots of you there! 

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