Friday, 4 November 2016

W/C 31st October

This week in literacy we have focused on firework poems. We learnt what a simile was and thought of interesting similes to use to describe fireworks. Mrs Cryan was rather impressed!

This week in maths we have been busy looking at fractions! We learnt that a half has to be two equal parts. We were set the challenge to find lots of different ways of folding and cutting a square in half!

Later in the week we learnt how to halve numbers. Perhaps at home you could ask your child to show you how! We will continue to look at fractions next week.

This week in science we carried out an investigation to see whether we could change the properties of materials and whether they would recover or stay changed.

This week in phonics we have looked at the suffix y. We have added y to words and had to double the consonant e.g. fun – funny, run- runny. Perhaps when reading with your child your could see if they can identify any words that follow this rule.

This week in topic we have created firework safety posters and learnt how to stay safe when watching fireworks. We also discovered why we celebrate fireworks night. Later in the week, we made fireworks and created firework pictures.

LOTS of children have now earned their RED TED book mark! Well done to everyone who kept up their reading over half term.

Maths Monkey

After a long rest Mikey and Maisie have gone home with Ella and Lewis this week. We are all really excited to hear about their adventures. 

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