Friday, 11 November 2016

W/C 7th November

This week in maths we have consolidated halving numbers. Later in the week we learnt how to half, quarter and third shapes. This is something that could easily be practised at home. 

This week in literacy we have learnt what an adverb is. We now know that an adverb adds information e.g. the dog barked loudly. Perhaps when reading you can identify some adverbs with your child. Later in the week we became sentence doctors and fixed wrongly used punctuation before applying this knowledge in our independent writing ‘write on’.

Science was great fun this week! We looked at changing properties of bananas and whether once it had been mashed up it could return to its original state! It got a bit sticky….!

In our topic lessons this week we have pretended to be bakers in The Great Fire of London. The children had to work as a group to follow instructions to make salt dough bread. After the salt dough had been made the children designed their own bread. Mrs Cryan was very impressed! Some children made rolls and French sticks while others chose to plait theirs! We will be painting and varnishing them next week!

Well done to the children to earned their bookmark this week. Lots of children are now really close to earning their first or even second reward, keep reading!

Maths Monkey
Maisie and Mikey had a brilliant time with Lewis and Ella. They added up and worked out the change, played maths games and even weighed the monkeys! This week they have gone home with Isaac and Amelie.

On Friday we looked at Poppy Field by Van Gogh and created our own versions. 

It was lovely to see so many of you for parents evening on Thursday, thank you. Children in Need is on Friday 18th November, your child has come home with a letter all about it from the School Council today. As the weather turns colder, please can all children come to school with a coat to wear outside. 

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