Friday, 2 December 2016

W/C 28th November

Maths has been very exciting this week because it was inspirational maths week. Everyday we were set a challenge to try and complete. We completed finger mazes, finger twisters, number visualisation, shape origami and used triangles to make as many shapes as possible following the rules. It has been a busy week! 

We have finally completed the science experiment this week. We finished by testing the ice in water and the windowsill. We found that the ice in the water had completely melted after 10 minutes! We were all very shocked as most of us predicted that the ice on the radiator would melt the quickest. 

This week in topic, we have looked closely at the houses of the Great Fire of London. We learnt more about the conditions people lived in and then used match sticks to make houses. This was rather tricky and time consuming! We think you'll agree that they look great though!

Well done to the children who have earned their RED TED rewards this week. Keep reading lots at home! 

Maths Monkey 
Maisie and Mikey had a great time with Logan and Summer. They baked, worked out change and created a timetable of their day. This week they have gone home with Oliver and Freya.

Homework is due in on Monday. 
Please can all clothes for the production come into school early next week in a named carrier bag. 
Christmas Reading Cafe is on Wednesday, there are still a few places left! 
Christmas lunch is Wednesday.

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