Friday, 27 January 2017

W/C 23rd January

We have had a busy few weeks in maths. We have started to focus on learning our 2 times table, you could continue to practise this at home! We have also learnt how to divide by sharing so 18 ÷3= we would put 18 into 3 groups and count one group giving the answer of 6. This week we have compared numbers using <> and = again although this time it was far more tricky. We compared number sentences using <> and = this meant that we had to solve the additions first before comparing the answers. Later in the week, we moved on to comparing number sentences using all four operations!

This week in Literacy we have learnt what statements, commands and questions are. We now know that a statement gives us information and ends with a full stop. A question is asking for information, needs a response and ends with a question mark. And a command tells us what to do, it gives an instruction using an imperative verb. Perhaps when reading you could ask your child if they notice any! 

We have been very busy over the last two weeks in science.  We have observed the parts of a plant very carefully and then pulled the different parts apart to find out more. We know we should not do this to any other plants just for this lesson! After that lesson we learnt how plants make new plants and the process of that. We know that flowers are brightly coloured to attract insects, the pollen from the plant gets stuck to the insects and when they go to another plant the pollen drops off. The plant can then make seeds!

Over the last few weeks in topic we have learnt lots of interesting facts about Christopher Columbus. We know that he was originally born in Italy  but sailed for Spain. Ask us all the facts we can remember! 

Keeping safe
Last week we thought about who we would talk to if we were worried and who might help keep us safe. We then made turtle hand prints and wrote those people on. We think you'll agree they look rather great! 

Maths Monkey
Maisie and Monty had a fantastic time with Indie and Harley. They played Monopoly, worked out change, baked and lots more! This week they have gone home with Kendra and Alfie. 

A massive well done to all the children who have earned their RED TED certificates and tops. Keep reading every day!

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