Friday, 13 January 2017

W/C 9th January

This week in maths we started to look at multiplication. We learnt that the sign for multiplication is X, we also learnt that lots of means times for example 3 lots of 2 is 3x2. We started the week using Numicon to show the multiplication sentence and learnt what an array was. Once we became more confidence Mrs Cryan asked us to draw arrays and use arrays to solve word problems.

We have started a new topic this term in science, our new unit is plants.  We thought about everything we already knew about plants and what we would like to find out. We then recapped the names of the parts of a plant and discussed in detail their functions.

We have started a new unit on fairy tales, we have read Cinderella and done lots of drama around it. On Friday we learnt what a time connective (conjunction) was. We had to identify them in a piece of text from Cinderella. We made a list and found; one day, after that, next, finally, then, when, suddenly and eventually. At home when reading, see if your child can spot any!

Maths Monkey
This week Maisie and Monty have gone home with Indie and Harley. We are looking forward to hearing all about their adventures.

A massive well done to Indie and Annabelle for earning their RED TED top. Harley, Alfie and Harvey have also earned their certificate.

Our turtle art is now finished and we think you’ll agree it looks great!


Our new topic this term is explorers. We have had a great time this week in our rocket ship reading corner and boat role play. 

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