Friday, 24 February 2017

W/C 20th February

This week in topic we became Christopher Columbus and wrote a diary entry of his voyage. We decided it would have been very cramped, smelly dirty and there would have been lots of diseases. Many of us wrote about how we were feeling and whether the journey would ever be over! We all tried really hard with our spelling, handwriting and presentation. Mrs Cryan was rather impressed! Later in the week we became history detectives. We looked at pictures of artefacts and had to decide what Columbus might have used them for. 

This week in literacy we completed our ‘special writing’. This is a piece of writing done once a term, in a book that travels with the throughout the school. The writing is completely independent and is used to assess the children’s progress and attainment. Later in the week we moved on to our new unit of poetry. We will be focusing on limericks. The children had a range of limericks to read and work out their key features. We learnt that a limerick is made up of 5 lines, has a rhyming pattern AABBA and each line has a certain amount of syllables.

This week in maths we have completed lots of maths quizzes! The children have tried really hard and it has highlighted the areas that need work before SATs.

This week in science we looked closely at the stages of growth of a plant. The start of a seed growing into a plant is called germination, ask us all about it! We learnt that a seed has enough nutrients in it to start growing but then needs water, light and soil.

A massive well done to everyone who kept reading over half term and have earned a RED TED reward. Annabelle now has enough stamps to go to the end of year tea party, well done Annabelle!

Maths Monkey
After a rest Maisie and Mikey are going home with Chloe and Tyler this weekend.


We had great fun on Monday designing our space buggies! Don’t forget to keep working hard on your moon buggy bodies. We will make the axle and wheels etc in school. 

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