Friday, 3 February 2017

W/C 30th January

This week in literacy we started by answering a question with a statement or working out the question that was asked from the statement answer. We then went on to look at different types of punctuation. We focused on speech marks, we now know that speech marks hug what is being said. We used this knowledge to put in missing punctuation from a piece of Cinderella text. We had to add full stops, capital letters, speech marks, exclamation marks and question marks. We finished the week by writing the story of Cinderella making sure we paid close attention to punctuation.

We started the week by continuing to partition. However, this week we learnt to partition in different ways for example; 35 can be partitioned to 30+5 or 20+15, 10+25. Try partitioning these in different ways at home; 52, 47, 83, 91.

This week in science we have looked closer at different types of seeds and how they disperse. We learnt that some seeds can travel by water, some catch a ride on animals or humans, some are eaten and some use the wind! When you are out this weekend see if you can spot any!

This week in topic we recapped facts we knew about Columbus before sketching his ship! We really focused well and paid attention to detail.

Maths Monkey

Maths Monkey had a great time with Alfie and Kendra. They have gone home this week with George and Charlotte.

Chinese New Year day
On Wednesday there was great excitement throughout the school as we had a very special Chinese New Year day! We split into our house groups and took part in lots of fun activities. We did dancing, cooking, making a dragon and Chinese writing!  

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