Friday, 17 March 2017

W/C 13th March

This week in literacy we used our knowledge of limericks to write our own. We think you’ll be impressed!

Science week
We have had great fun this week doing lots of different science investigations. We started the week doing rainbow milk. We dropped food colouring into plates of water and milk and then added washing up liquid. As soon as we had added the washing up liquid to the milk the food colour shot back to the edge of the plate.

On Wednesday we went outside for our experiment. First we used a glass of water and poured some Mentos into it, but nothing happened. Then we used a bottle of Diet Coke and Mrs Cryan dropped half a packet of Mentos in it! We all stood really far back and watched it explode out of the top like a volcano. Luckily Mrs Cryan didn’t get soaked!

On Thursday we experimented with skittles and water. We put the skittles in a circle on 3 plates. On the first plate we poured boiling hot water, the second plate warm water and the third plate cold water. We watched as the colour bleed out of the skittles and it made a rainbow! We decided that the best temperature water was the warm water.

Finally on Friday we all got a little messy and sticky when we added corn flour to water. We noticed that it would move around the bowl like a liquid but felt like a solid. We managed to pick big chunks of it up and as it turned into a liquid it ran back through our hands.

Well done to Louie who now has his top.

Maths Monkey
Maths Monkey has a great time with Oliver and Bridiemarie. They have gone home this week with Kallum and Gracie.

Homework is due in on Monday please.
Friday is Red Nose Day. The children can wear red and bring in some money.

The Red Nose fun swim will be on Thursday the 24th and 31st so please make sure your child brings their 20p for the fun swim. 

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