Friday, 24 March 2017

W/C 20th March

We have started a new unit on instructions in literacy this week. We started the week looking at a range of instructions and identifying their key features. We noticed that all the instructions had a you will need or materials list, all were numbered, most had pictures or diagrams to help and all used imperative verbs to tell the reader what to do.

This week in maths we have put our new knowledge of addition to the test by using different coins to make the same amount.

We have started to finish our moon buggies!!! We designed and decorated our wheels before carefully using a hot glue gun (with a lot of help from the adults) to glue the wheels to the rods. We are very impressed with how our finished moon buggies look!

We have finally finished our cress diaries! Unfortunately the cress died before we had a chance to eat it so Mrs Cryan went and got some from a shop! We all tasted the cress and thought it tasted rather spicy!

A massive well done to Amelie, Freya, Harvey and Chloe who now have their top and to Melissa and Indie who will be going to the tea party. We will be having a RED TED top day on the last day of term for those who have earned their top already this year, so keep reading there is still time!

Maths Monkey
Maths Monkey have had a great time with Kallum and Gracie.

Red Nose Day

We had a fantastic day on Friday and have so far raised over £188!

Next week our Easter church service is on Wednesday at 9.15, we hope to see you there! 

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