Friday, 3 March 2017

W/C 27th February

This week in maths we have learnt a new way to add. We now partition numbers to add for example;
10+10= 20
By the end of the week lots of us progressed to adding higher 2 digit numbers, crossing the tens boundary e.g. 45+37=
This is definitely something you could continue to practise at home.

This week in literacy we have continued our unit on limericks. We focused on syllables, what they are and how to work out how many syllables there are in a word. Mrs Cryan gave us pictures of animals, we had to work with a partner to clap the name to find out the amount of syllables each animal had. Later in the week, we started to focus on the rhyme. We were given limericks with the last word in each line missing, we had to work out the missing word and made sure they followed the rhyming pattern AABBA.

World book day
We had a fantastic day for world book day! It was brilliant to see so many children dressed up. During the day we wrote book reviews based on the book we brought in or our favourite book.

This week in topic we created fact files about space. We learnt lots of interesting facts, perhaps ask us some! We also learnt the continents and oceans this week. 

In science we planned a class investigation. We will be investigating what plants need to grow. We decided to test water, soil and light. Stay tuned to find out our results!


Already there have been lots of fantastic moon buggies coming into school. Remember that the homework is due in Monday so we can start to measure, saw and glue to make them move! 

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