Friday, 10 March 2017

W/C 6th March

We have focused on rhyme this week in literacy. We worked with a partner to think of as many rhyming words as we could. We are building up to writing our own limerick next week.

This week in maths we have started to recap subtraction on a number line. Some of us remembered that to find the difference we start at the smallest number and count on to the biggest number. Lots of us progressed from counting in jumps of 1 to chunking our jumps. 

This week in science we set up our plant experiment to see what plants need to grow. We will give you the results when we have them. We also planted cress and started a cress diary which we have been writing lots in this week. Lots of us were amazed when Mrs Cryan said we wouldn’t be using soil, instead we used blue paper towel and water. As the week went on the cress started growing rather quickly! We can’t wait to see the change on Monday! Next week is Science week so we will be doing lots of short science activities.

WOW!!! Lots of fantastic moon buggy bodies arrived in school this week. We have already started working on them. On Tuesday we worked with a partner to measure the width of the moon buggy before adding 2 cm to the measurement. We then continued to work together to accurately measure and mark our doweling. Lots of us then started to saw our wood later in the week. We will continue with this next week.

Maths Monkey
 Maths Monkey had a great time with Chloe and Tyler they have gone home this week with Oliver and Bridiemarie.  


Well done to Alfie and Isaac.

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