Friday, 19 May 2017

W/C 15th May

We have had lots of ‘quizzes’ this week and so have not had the usual literacy and numeracy lessons, you may have noticed your child coming home with lots of stickers! Mrs Cryan is feeling very proud of everyone for trying their hardest and the whole class received the wonderful work award for the week. We are planning to have a little tea party treat next week!

This week in art, as part of our topic work, we have created dinosaur silhouettes. We firstly painted a sunset using water colours, starting at the top on the darkest colour (blue) and working down to the bottom to the lightest colour (yellow). After that we drew outlines of dinosaurs on black card and cut them out, this was quite tricky! Some of us then added extra details like rocks, clouds and trees! We are rather proud of the end result!

This week in science we looked at habitats and what sort of animals were suited to the habitat. We were given pictures of different habitats and had to look at the conditions before deciding which animals would be suited to the environment. We then drew the animals and stuck them on!

A massive well done to Charlotte who now has 70 stamps and has got her certificate. There will be a RED TED t-shirt day on Friday for those who have earned their red t-shirt this year.

Maths Monkey

Maisie and Mikey had a great time with Harvey and Freya. They went out to dinner and worked out the total and the change. They also went bowling! They have gone home with Oliver and Ella this week. 

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