Friday, 5 May 2017

W/C 1st May

This week in maths we have carried on with our unit on measuring. We started the week measuring using ml and learnt that capacity means the amount a container can hold. We had lots of different containers on the table and had to compare and order them from smallest to largest based on their capacity. Once we estimated their capacity, we used dyed water to test if our estimates were true. From this we reordered the jugs. Later in the week, we focused more on accurately reading and measuring using ml. We learnt that the scales do not always go up in 1ml intervals and therefore had to look closely at the scales before measuring.  

We have read the story of The Gruffalo. We then made stick puppets to retell the story to a partner.  We all remembered and retold the story well.

We created a mind map of all the facts we already know about dinosaurs! Mrs Cryan was very impressed with some of the facts we already knew!

Maths Monkey
Maisie and Mikey had a great time with Annabelle and Louie this week. They measured, weighed and added lots of things! This week they have gone home with Alfie and Indie. 

Daily mile
Now that the weather is better we are back to running, please make sure your child has a pair of trainers in school for them to change into for the run.

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