Friday, 9 June 2017

W/C 5th June

In literacy this week we have written our own versions of ‘The Gruffalo’. We started the week by acting out ‘The Gruffalo’ and changing parts. This helped us with ideas on how to change the story. When writing our stories we started by changing the characters for other woodland animals and some of us adapted the ending. Mrs Cryan was rather impressed and gave out some handwriting pens! Later in the week we looked at a range of Julia Donaldson books and discussed our favourite. 

This week in maths we have looked at the inverse operation. We now know inverse means opposite and we can use this to check calculations and work out missing number problems.

This week in science we have looked at food chains. Perhaps you could ask your child to explain what a food chain is and give you an example. We played a game where we were given a picture and had to find the food chain we belonged to and order ourselves. This was great fun! We then had to draw our own food chains.

We have started to sew our dinosaurs! To begin with we have found it a little tricky but we have already improved! This is something that we will continue to do until the end of term!

We have made dinosaur fossils this week in topic. We used clay and rolled it in a ball before flattening it. We then chose a dinosaur and pressed it into the clay.

We have also looked at a range of dinosaurs and chosen our favourite features to combine to sketch our own dinosaurs. We are sure you’ll agree that they look great!

This week Freya has got enough stamps to go to the RED TED tea party. Keep reading every night, so many of the children are close to their next reward!

We hope to see lots of you at our Reading Cafe on Tuesday at 2 o'clock. 

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